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Handbags History

handbag history

Prehistoricpeople used medicine bags, and Egyptian hieroglyphs show pouches carried aroundthe waist. Drawstring coin bags were used by European men from the 12th to the16th centuries, and the first written mention of handbags dates to the 1300s.

Inthe 1500s, women began carrying bags of sachet. But pockets worn beneath theskirt remained more popular than purses until dresses began to hug the body inthe late 18th century. During the Victorian period, a wide variety of purse stylescame into vogue and the term "handbag" was coined in the early 1900s.

Bythe first part of the 20th century, almost every woman carried a purse.Authentic handbags came into their own during the 1920s with all kinds ofstyles, colors and materials.

Fromthe 1930s to the 1960s, clutches were a favorite. Practical shoulder bags wereintroduced during World War II. Today hobos, totes and slings compete withclassic leather handbags, mini briefcases and backpack bags.

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